Greece And Poland Turn To Coal, As Germany Dithers

Interesting developments from struggling societies.


By Paul Homewood

News from Greece that the government there is determined to go ahead with the new lignite power plant, Ptolemaida V:

Greece Turns To Coal, Calls Renewable Energy A Threat To National Security

  • Date: 21/06/15
  • Ilias Tsagas, PV Magazine

Greek energy minister warns that renewable energy is a threat to national security.

[…] The new government’s policy shift away from renewable energies “is very clear” said Psomas. “All [the new government] is concerned with is how to promote power generation from fossil fuels e.g. new lignite power stations, new gas pipes and explanatory drilling for oil. So far, it has shown no interest at all for renewables energy” Psomas added.

Since the end of January, when a new coalition government between a far left party and a populist right party came to power, the new government is at war with many of Greece’s environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs)…

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