Fixing Nick Stokes FUD

This post by Tony Heller counters Nick Stokes who challenges Heller’s Temp Adjustments vs CO2 graph in the WUWT post on 23 Aug 2015 by Dr. Robert Brown and Werner Brozek.

Real Science

Nick Stokes is raising dust over at WUWT about my USHCN data.

My USHCN calculations are very simple. I average all of the USHCN monthly data per year. The average USHCN final data diverges massively from the measured (raw) temperatures.

ScreenHunter_10088 Aug. 15 10.08

Nick claims that the biggest part of the adjustments is TOB (Time of Observation Bias.) That is nonsense. Most of the adjustments are the magical ones they do on top of TOB.

ScreenHunter_10086 Aug. 15 09.46

The hockey stick in their adjustments since 2000 is due to simply making up data. Almost half of their final temperatures are now fake.

ScreenHunter_10085 Aug. 15 09.37

Nick wants you to believe that area weighting the data is very important. It isn’t. The USHCN stations are relatively evenly spaced by design, though my method does tend to weight populated regions more heavily than rural regions. Overall, area weighting has a minimal effect. Every good engineer understands that you don’t obscure your code with optimizations…

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