Flap Over Arctic Ice Rebound

Science Matters

Tamino (Grant Foster) recently posted a hit piece against my Arctic Ice Rebound article.

I went there, to the  “Open Mind”  blog to clarify some misunderstandings, but for my few comments I was ridiculed and insulted.  So I disengaged.

Some commentators thought I should be ashamed of my last name.  So let me introduce them to my extended family:

That’s right, we had a starring role in the Oscar-winning movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Meet the Lutzes:

They take very seriously insults against the family name, and as the movie shows, they can be quite determined and extreme in their retaliations.  Just saying.

But Seriously, What is the Problem?

Grant Foster and friends are committed to a warmer future and expect Arctic Ice extent to decline.  They are unhappy with me pointing out the lack of decline recently. So my post is off-message, and they are attacking the messenger.  Same old, same…

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