Spectacular Forest Fire Lies From The US Government

Real Science

Most of the west had a very quiet fire season. Here in Colorado, the fire season was one of the quietest on record. Same was true in New Mexico and Wyoming. But due to some large fires in Alaska, the total burn acreage was the highest in a decade.

The US government wasted no time declaring the nine million acres to be a record.

Image 9

Nation nears wildfire record with more than 9 million acres burned

ScreenHunter_48 Oct. 16 09.08

National Interagency Fire Center

Had anyone in the US government bothered to check their own fire records, they would have known that there were more than four times as many fires in 1938, and that burn acreage in 1938 was almost four times s large as 2015.

Image 8

05 Jan 1940 – U.S.A. FOREST FIRES.

h/t Andy Oz

The 1930’s were much hotter and drier in the US. Even NASA’s James Hansen knows this.

Empirical evidence does not…

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