The Satellite Deniers

Real Science


The climate mafia has enlisted these two handsome gentlemen to discredit satellite temperatures. Neither of them knows anything about the topic, but their specialties are talking climate trash for cash – so they were perfect for the job.

Satellites are a problem for the climate mafia, because they show just how bad recent surface temperature fraud is.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

The claim from the climate clowns is that satellite temperatures have to be adjusted for error, unlike surface temperatures which they say “hardly need to be adjusted.

Wow! All this data tampering for nothing?


They do have just one minor problem however. The 1995 IPCC report, authored by none other than NOAA’s own Tom Karl, showed that satellite temperatures matched NOAA balloon data, and that neither showed any warming since 1979.




There is no legitimate basis for disputing the satellite temperatures. This is just one more layer of…

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