A new way of looking at ‘The Pause’. Why Karl et al. got it wrong about ‘The Pause’. (Part 1)

Interesting treatment of trend lengths.

Watts Up With That?

Much has been written about the Karl et al “pause buster” paper published this past summer, this essay suggests Karl et al actually shot themselves in the foot with the paper

Guest essay by Sheldon Walker

In this article we will:

1) look at an interesting new technique for analyzing global warming

2) use the new technique to analyze the time interval [January 1950 to December 1999]

3) use the results of 2) to show why Karl et al got it wrong, in their paper about “The Pause”

Most people are familiar with the use of linear regression in global warming.

Pick a start time, pick an end time, and calculate the slope of the regression line from the dates and temperature anomalies in the data series. What could possibly go wrong?

One of the common accusations made with global warming, is that the start time and/or end time were…

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