Greenpeace co-founder calls out Paris Climate Accord with $100,000 bet

Reblogged to capture Rud Istvan’s generous offer to another commenter:

ristvan February 19, 2016 at 2:49 pm
Agree. And I will offer k.mitchell upthread a little one. I will take one of the two contour fields due for rotation from alfalfa to corn or or soy on my Wisconsin farm. And offer it to him free– he gets to keep his yield and sell it. Heck, we will even harvest it for him (so the machines can track yield). Now, we would have used glyphosate, then a no till seed drill behind my diesel tractor. He will have to plow (by horse, since FF are evil), sow by horse or hand, and then hoe the rows three times: in late May (seedlings), Mid June (plant development), then early July (preanthesis aka for corn, tasseling) to control the weeds that glyphosate woild have eliminated. After tasseling, corn doesn’t care so much about weeds except giant palmer amaranth–we have only a little. I will provide free board at the farmhouse, horses, plows, and hoes. NOT non GMO seed. On his own there, since I think he will have to go to Europe to find a decent modern nonGMO hybrid.
Three serious bets. 1. K. Mitchell declines this generous offer (a rare opportunity to live in whatnis partly an 1880’s pioneer cabin, cook over a wood stove, unplug the evil electric refrig and TV, and even read by kerosene lamps (power outage backups as we are pretty remote) to get back to his idyll of agrarian farming. 2. If he does take my generous offer, he will not be able to survive the rigors. 3. If by some miracle he does stay the coirse physically, his yield will be less than 2/3 of we produced last on those same fields using modern agricultural techology. And he will have proven you cannot feed the world the way he wished and hoped. Sort of like renewables, but with a much sharper cutting reality edge.
Offer made. Awaiting reply.

Watts Up With That?

Via PRWeb, Friday, Feb 19th:

Dr. Patrick Moore Offers $100,000 Wager on Global CO2 Emissions

Dr. Patrick Moore, PhD ecologist and President of Ecosense Environmental Inc. has offered a bet of US$100,000 that global CO2 emissions will be higher in the year 2025 than they were in 2015. His offer was made a month ago to his nearly 10,000 followers on Twitter (@EcoSenseNow) and was re-tweeted to tens of thousands more, yet no one has taken the wager.

“The warmists claim that 97 percent of climate scientists believe that human CO2 emissions will cause dangerous climate change,” Dr. Moore stated. “The UN Paris climate summit was hailed as ‘an historic agreement that is our best chance save the planet’. If that is so then surely they believe CO2 emissions will come down during the next ten years, as pledged by all the countries attending the meeting. Yet no one…

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