In the ‘warmest year ever’, U.S. tornado deaths were near lowest ever

Watts Up With That?

While pundits such as AP’s Seth Borenstein are trying to link some climate and weather connections in a new study, this sobering fact is worth noting. Since record keeping began in 1875, U.S Tornado deaths are near the lowest ever for 2015. And, this is the fourth year in a row that tornado deaths have been below average.

Paul Homewood notes a downward trend in all tornado types, weak and strong.


NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center have now finalised their tornado data for 2015.

The year finished with 481 tornadoes of EF-1 strength or greater, the fourth year in a row that has been below average.

Perhaps more significantly, the number of EF-3 and stronger tornadoes was one of the lowest on record. You have to go back to 1987 to find fewer. There were no EF-5s at all, and only three EF-4s.



Dr. Roger Pielke Jr…

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