Climate Hustle

From Tony Heller’s blog.

Real Science


“There is a definite political agenda… to make us think we can somehow change the weather by growing government”

  • Sarah Palin

I attended the US premiere of Climate Hustle yesterday on Capitol Hill.

It is very entertaining, and gets the climate change is a scam message across effectively. The timing for the release is perfect, as the White House is working feverishly now to simultaneously destroy free speech and science.

Much of the historical information is from me, and I have several appearances in the movie.  The public premier is May 2 at 400 theaters across the  country. It is a one day event, but may be repeated if theaters get enough business.  Please bring everyone you know on May 2. This is just the kind of event which we need to introduce disruptive thoughts in the climate Borg.

Get your tickets here : Official Climate Hustle Site

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