The Benefits That Coal Fired Power Gave Us

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TonyfromOzProfileImageBy Anton Lang ~

Is there information anywhere which can effectively show the benefits of coal fired power? Could that information be used to show what is happening now in China, to show some context as to why they are constructing new technology coal fired plants like there was no tomorrow?

I found some information which does just that. The data is for electrical power consumption, and is from perhaps the only place data like this might be available, the U.S. This data stretches back 67 years, back to 1949, and why it is worth looking at is to compare it with what is currently happening in China and to a lesser extent, India, which is doing the same thing as China, only eight to ten years behind them.

Okay then, this is the link to that data. From that link, this image below shows total power consumption dating back…

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