Forget The Wind Industry Lies, Onshore Wind Is Twice The Price Of CCGT


By Paul Homewood

Last year the Conservative party promised in its manifesto to end any new public subsidy for onshore wind. The Renewable Obligation has already been closed to new onshore wind generators, except those which had already received planning permission.

The Government has also indicated that onshore wind would be excluded from any future Contracts for Difference rounds (CfDs), but here it starts to get messy.

There have been suggestions from Andrea Leadsom, Energy Minister, that the definition of subsidy may be redefined to allow the CfDs to continue, on the basis that onshore wind is no dearer than other alternatives such as gas.

This proposal appears to have originated from Renewable UK, the industry’s lobby group, in collaboration with Policy Exchange, who prepared an analysis paper, “Powering Up: The future of onshore wind in the UK “.

Renewable UK’s Chief Exec, Hugh McNeal referred to this…

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