Claim: Sierra Nevada snowpack not likely to recover from drought until 2019

Hmmmm. UCLA School of Engineering comes out with a precipitation forecast. Precious, considering we’re diving into a La Niña.

Watts Up With That?

From the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA – LOS ANGELES and the “a 31 year dataset is spliced onto another enough for any conclusion” department comes this claim:

Snowpack-Squaw-valley Northern Sierra Nevada ski resorts, like Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, have received several feet of snow in March 2016. Image: Squaw Valley resort

UCLA researchers’ new method could be useful for analyzing snowpack in other mountains

Even with this winter’s strong El Niño, the Sierra Nevada snowpack will likely take until 2019 to return to pre-drought levels, according to a new analysis led by UCLA hydrology researchers.

Additionally, they suggest their new method, which provided unprecedented detail and precision, could be useful in characterizing water in the snowpack in other mountains, including ranges in western North America, the Andes or the Himalayas. These areas currently have much less on-site monitoring than in the Sierra Nevada.

The study was published online today in The American…

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