Chicago Snowfall Trends


By Paul Homewood

Yesterday we looked at snowfall trends in New York. Climate Stations also have the same chart for Chicago:

As with New York, we find that there is nothing unusual about snowfall totals in recent years.

In Chicago’s case, it appears that the 1960s and 70s were worst affected.

The Climate Stations website also tells us:

1) 1871 – Prelude to Great Fire of 8-10 October, just 3.70” precipitation between 4 July and 8 October, 35% of average and driest such calendar period in all history down to present.

2) 1875 – Coldest year in all Chicago history down to present, also coolest Summer (June-August) and Fall (September-November).

3) Which was followed two years later by:

1877-78 – “Year Without a Winter” – Warmest winter (December-February) in all Chicago history down to present by 1.5 F, and warmest December-March by nearly 3 F

4) 1879-80 – Great…

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