Chapter 25 established that, in low latitudes, the stratosphere below about 40 kilometres in elevation is a relatively safe environment for ozone. All the extreme ultra-violet and X ray radiation that is responsible for the ionosphere  is used up above 60 km in elevation.  Below 40 kilometres in elevation ozone partial pressure builds during daylight hours indicating a relatively safe environment for what is admittedly a tiny amount of ozone in air that is in any case extremely rarefied.

To resist photolysis in the stratosphere the ozone molecule must avoid radiation in the UVB and shorter spectrum. At any other than near vertical sun angles the atmospheric path is too long to allow much UVB to reach the surface but the small amount of ozone in the stratosphere creates what is in fact just a very coarse sieve. If you had such a sieve in the kitchen some of the spaghetti…

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