Safe, cheap and abundant energy – back to the nuclear energy future

Terra et Aqua

To provide [electricity] in today’s world, an ‘advanced reactor’ must improve over existing reactors in the following 4-core objectives.  It must produce significantly less costly, cost-competitive clean electricity, be safer, produce significantly less waste and reduce proliferation risk.  It is not sufficient to excel at one without regard to the others.”  Dr. Christina Back, Vice President, Nuclear Technologies and Materials for General Atomics,  May 2016 testimony before the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on the status of advanced nuclear technologies. 

 There are eight new small modular reactors on a fast track to generic approval in the US – and more than 45 designs under development globally.  A version of the high temperature, fast neutron technology was first built in Germany in the early 1960’s, a prototype was run at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the late 1960’s, a demonstration plant is being constructed…

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