Radiation Myopia

Science Matters

A recent thread comment illustrates how the global warming PR campaign has installed a bogus climate paradigm in public awareness: The Supremacy of Infrared Radiation. In a discussion about clouds and the Arctic, this comment appeared:

I disagree with the comments that clouds at the poles should cause cooling.
In general the earth absorbs heat from the sun near the equator and expels it near the poles via up welling radiation. A low humidity clear sky near the poles allows most gray body radiation from the ice/oceans/land to emit directly to space. Clouds at the poles would interfere with that process and the poles would warm thus melting the ice faster. And in a general sense, that is what we’ve seen over the last 40 years. (linked to a graph of declining ice extent since 1979).

Heat Transfer Mechanisms

It takes some work to untangle the problems with this statement…

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