S. Fred Singer responds to NYT Op-Ed

Watts Up With That?

Letter to NYT July 13, 2016

In the New York Times July 12 op-ed, “Another Inconvenient Truth: It’s Hard to Agree How to Fight Climate Change” John Schwartz does a fine job of describing the splintering of the community of Global Warming alarmists over issues like nuclear energy and natural gas (methane). He suggests but doesn’t spell out how major enviro-groups have become “big business,” with executive salaries approaching the half-million-dollar mark.

His story mentions Al Gore’s objection to nuclear energy, based on its high cost. But is Gore unaware that mass construction in factories of safer, modular reactors would lower costs by a factor of ten or more; regulatory pre-approval could eliminate the enviro-caused delays that have been largely responsible for the current high cost?

Schwartz states that Bill McKibben has argued that the potency of methane as a greenhouse gas, might make it worse than coal

While methane…

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