Polar Challenge Meets Laptev Wall

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The plan of the Polar Ocean Challenge is to circumnavigate the North Pole counterclockwise in the ship Northabout, starting from Bristol UK, through the Northern Sea Route (Barents to Chukchi), returning through the Northwest Passage (Beaufort to Baffin Bay).  The challenge part is doing it without icebreakers, which is how commercial ships use the NSR.  That is intended to prove the decline of Arctic ice, which is then attributed to global warming, which is due to burning fossil fuels.  (Connecting dots is hard.)

The image from the group’s website shows they are nearby the Vilkitsky Strait waiting for some open water to proceed.  This delay was unforeseen and unwelcome, since refreeezing occurs mid September and the NSR closes in November.  Whether the Northwest Passage opens or not is another matter.

Laptev Gateway
Here is the current Ice chart of the Laptev Sea, looking very much like a wall of ice. BTW the…

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