Precipitable Water Redux

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

In my last post I investigated the mathematical relationship between the amount of total precipitable water vapor (TPW) in the atmosphere, and the clear-sky greenhouse effect. Here is the main figure from that post showing the relationship:

scatterplot clear-sky absorption vs tpwFigure 1. Scatterplot, TPW (horizontal scale) versus Atmospheric Absorption (vertical scale). Dashed yellow line shows theoretical value based on TPW. Dashed vertical line shows area-weighted global average value. Dotted vertical lines show the range of the global average value over the period. The slope of the curve at any point is 62.8/TPW (W/m2 per degree)

In this post I’m looking at the other half of the relationship. The other half is the relationship between the ocean surface temperature and the total precipitable water. The good news is that unlike the CERES data which is only about 15 years, we have TPW records since 1988 and sea surface temperature…

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