Interesting and positive changes in Arctic sea ice volume

Fascinating comment, too from Tetris, August 9, 2016 at 11:35 am:
One of my neighbours is the master of Canada’s second largest ice breaker and is up in the Arctic right now.

His observations from a “boots on the ground” perspective over the past few years corroborate the satellite data and the points made in the article. Discounting the Arctic cyclone caused 2012 outlier minimum, 2007 was probably the turning point and the multi year ice is growing.

Said in passing, according to him the sound of the ice breaker hitting thick multi-year ice can’t be mistaken for anything else.

Anecdotally but telling, the entrance to the Hudson Bay remained impassable to all shipping -including ice breakers-during the entire summer of 2015.

Watts Up With That?

Are we seeing an Arctic change? Three out of the four most recent years show increase in ice volume not seen since 2003.

Guest essay by Frank Lansner

DMI publishes daily their Arctic ice volume data in the form of graphs. From these it is possible to retrieve the data and plot them as you like.

So, first I plotted all years available, 2003 – 2016 for the period May 16 to Aug 8 to show the melt season. Not all dates in the period was used, but enough to get the overall picture.

The first that caught my interest was obviously how 2016 was “performing” in comparison with the other years 2003 – 2015. The winter winds Nov 2015 – Feb 2016 were quite harsh to the ice as it was generally blown towards the Atlantic via East Greenland. This may explain the very low levels of ice volume May…

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