Without Global Warming, Civilization Would Never Have Been Possible

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Rod Martin, Jr.

Global Warming Made Civilization Possible

Let’s face it. Ice Age glacial conditions were brutal. Because the oceans were cooler, there was less evaporation and less rain. Because of this, there were more and larger deserts. The temperate zone was virtually threatened with extinction—squeezed between huge deserts and monstrous glaciation.

Because polar cold was far closer to equatorial heat, violent storms were stronger and more numerous. Heat alone does not cause wind to blow. That requires thermal potential—a temperature gradient between extremes. Venus has plenty of heat, but zero wind. On our sister planet, million-year-old craters show zero wind erosion, because the surface temperature is the same everywhere.

We shouldn’t have to argue whether or not warming is happening; we should educate ourselves on the vast benefits of warming and figure out how we can have more of it. Otherwise—change being the one true constant—we…

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