Florida Sets Fair Weather Record

Science Matters

The absence of extreme weather is often called “fair weather”, so I’ll use that to describe the record number of days to pass in Florida without a hurricane making landfall anywhere in the state.  With Hermine crossing northern Florida this morning briefly at hurricane strength, the record is now set at 10 years between 2006 and 2016.

Florida Hurricanes

The chart shows the number of hurricanes making landfall in Florida in each year, the highest year being 4 such storms in 2004.  It is unprecedented to go a full decade without any hurricanes hitting Florida.  The previous lull was 7 years between 1987 to 1994.  The serious category 4 storms (max winds 125+ miles/hr) are listed below, showing how active was the previous decade.

2005 Wilma, Katrina, Dennis
2004 Ivan, Frances, Charlie
1998 Mitch, George
1995 Opal


The plateau of mild temperatures in this decade coincides with unprecedented fair weather, not extremes as alarmists claim.


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