Cloud Feedback

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

In the comments to Christopher Monckton’s latest post, Nick Stokes drew attention to Soden and Held’s analysis of feedback in the climate models. I reproduce their Table 1 below:

soden held table 1

Figure 1. Soden and Held’s Table 1, showing all of the feedback parameters calculated from the models.

I found several amazing things in this table. The first is the huge range of values for the various parameters. While all of the Planck parameters are within a few percent of each other, the lapse rate feedback varies by more than three to one from smallest to largest; the surface albedo feedback varies by nearly five to one; and the cloud feedback varies by an amazing factor of more than eight to one from smallest to largest.

Despite these huge variations, all of them can (relatively) successfully emulate the historical record when they are each fed their own special brand…

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