Great Barrier Reef bleaching study; Karoly et al (April 2016), Part A.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Bob Fernley-Jones


This headline image is for a publically released article (the article) in the Australian university-partnered blog The Conversation in which ‘the study’ cited therein is of major concern particularly in the point highlighted with red underline:


It focussed on the month of March in 2016, when record high Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) in the Coral Sea prevailed and which coincided with an extraordinarily powerful El Niño unlike anything seen since 1998. Because accessible GBR data were not available until recently, it employed Coral Sea data to predict future GBR bleaching events.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) had reported March 2016 at 29.48 C, which was 0.08 C warmer than February, a mere 0.02 C warmer than twelve years ago in February, when March was inharmoniously 0.16 C cooler. Also at odds was that the SST’s in January and February are

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