California Drought Report #74: “The Blob” returns to the North Pacific, and La Niña is fizzling

Sierra Foothill Commentary

The California Weather Blog has more details:


The Blob has been associated with a strong ridge of high-pressure ridge along the West Coast of the US, blocking storms from filling CA reservoirs with rain and snow. The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge has produced past dry winters in California and could do so again this year.

It does not look like the long predicted strong La Niña predicted by Joe Bastardi is going to happen. The models show a rather neutral response to pacific surface temperatures.


In the past strong La Niña patterns have resulted in strong El Niño responses, but not this time. It will be interesting to see what Joe Bastardi at Weather Bell has to say. For the past year, he has been promoting the idea that we could have a strong La Niña winter. Not according to the models.

Declining ElNino

The CA Weather Blog concludes “that multi-month precipitation outlooks are…

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