Tracking Western Alaskan polar bears in the Beaufort in Sept – all 3 chose Canada


All three polar bear females tagged in the Southern Beaufort Sea far west of Kaktovik (near Barrow) spent all or most of September onshore in the Northern Beaufort area of Canada.


beaufort-tracking-usgs-bear-movements-september-2016-smOriginal caption: “Movements of 3 satellite-tagged polar bears for the month of September, 2016. Polar bears were tagged in 2016 on the spring-time sea ice of the southern Beaufort Sea. All 3 of these bears have satellite collar transmitters. Polar bear satellite telemetry data are shown with AMSR2 remotely-sensed ice coverage from 29 September, 2016. ” [Note that the circles with the polar bear icons are the end points (final positions for the month), while the tail ends of the strings are the positions at the first of the month]. Original image here. We won’t know for sure until November whether these females are just taking refuge onshore in the Northern Beaufort (two on northwestern

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