Whacky Peter Wadhams Doubles Down on the Sea Ice “Crisis”

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

In the wake of his failed 2016 “ice free” prediction, Dr. Peter Wadhams has spoken up, claiming most scientists are frightened to speak up about the climate crisis – though he admits his confidence in predicting exact dates has taken a dive.

Dahr Jamail | Arctic Expert on Sea Ice: We Could “Reach Zero” Within Two Years

Arctic sea ice is in big trouble.

This is bad news for multiple reasons, the primary one being that Arctic sea ice helps keep the polar regions cool along with working to moderate the entire global climate.

“Sea ice has a bright surface; 80 percent of the sunlight that strikes it is reflected back into space,” explains the National Snow and Ice Data Center’s website. “As sea ice melts in the summer, it exposes the dark ocean surface. Instead of reflecting 80 percent of the sunlight…

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