Newly discovered EPA report says ozone measurements may be way off – cities may be in compliance

Watts Up With That?

EPA Surface Ozone Readings are Inflated by Mercury Vapor – The EPA has known about posive biases caused by mercury vapor since 1999

Guest essay by Forrest M. Mims III

Accurate ozone measurements are required by the Clean Air Act, for public health, many jobs and billions of dollars are at stake. Yet since 1999 the EPA has failed to acknowledge erroneous ozone measurements biased upward by mercury vapor and other interferences.

Measurement error may apply to a supposed ozone spike in San Antonio on October 3, 2016, for on that day much of Texas was blanketed by smog and mercury vapor from coal-burning power plants. San Antonio may now be subject to EPA sanctions for a violation it may not have committed.

us_map_ozone_at_70_ppb Projected 8-Hour Ozone Nonattainment Areas in U.S. under 70 ppb Standard Areas in red are rural counties or counties within a metro area that have at least…

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