HadCRUT Adjustments and the 1.5°C Tipping Point. (Now Includes September Data Except for HadCRUT)

Watts Up With That?

WoodForTrees.org – Paul Clark – HadCRUT – Werner Brozek – Click the pic to view at source

Guest Post by Werner Brozek, Edited by Just The Facts:

A new HadCRUT4.5 data set came out last month. HadCRUT4.5 replaces HadCRUT4.4. In an earlier post, I commented on how virtually all changes over the past 16 years showed increases. I cannot say that this time. Of the last 6 complete years, the last 3 showed increases but the previous 3 showed decreases. Changes in earlier years are relatively minor for the most part.

Last month, I was happy to say that HadCRUT4 and WTI had finally been updated on WFT. Normally, when a new anomaly comes out, it automatically appears on WFT within 24 hours. But when the title changes to 4.5 instead of 4.4, it takes a manual adjustment which has not been done yet, but hopefully will be done soon…

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