Claim of ‘Increasing tornado outbreak clusters’ just doesn’t hold up

Watts Up With That?

From the — is climate change responsible? department, in a word, no. Here’s why – it’s a reporting bias as I document here. More people, more cameras, more eyes on the event to make data for storm reports. And, until around 1975, multiple vortice tornado outbreaks weren’t really part of the scientific literature, because they hadn’t been well documented, nor was there a physical mechanism proposed for them until this study  and this one recreating the phenomenon in the lab (which I helped with from the technology side) came about.

The NOAA Storm Prediction Center says this about multiple vortice tornadoes:

Multiple Vortex Tornado


Many tornadoes contain smaller, rapidly spinning whirls known as subvortices, or suction vortices; but they are not always as clearly visible as in this big tornado near Altus OK, on 11 May 1982. Suction vortices can add over 100 mph to the ground-relative…

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