New website provides strong evidence of the recent warming slowdown

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Sheldon Walker

A new website has been created, which offers a new perspective on global warming.

The website is called “

Temperature series like Gistemp or UAH, are turned into 2 dimensional coloured graphs, called global warming contour maps.


A contour map is basically a colour coded collection of thousands of linear regressions. It is mathematically based, and the colour displayed for each trend is determined by the trends rate of warming, as calculated by a linear regression.

A contour map lets you see how the warming rate has changed at different times, and how it varied for different trend lengths. It makes understanding global warming almost as simple as recognising a colour.

The website currently has 27 temperature series from UAH available for viewing. The selections currently available are:

– Global

– Northern Hemisphere

– Southern Hemisphere

– Northern Polar

– Northern Extra Tropical

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