Norway’s Climate Angst.

Science Matters

It is not only US climatists alarmed about faithless political appointees to energy and environmental positions. Now some Norwegians are stewing. International Business Times article (here) A climate change denier has just been put in charge of melting Arctic island of Svalbard  Per-Willy Amundsen has stated previously that he believes climate change to be a socialist ploy.

Climate change sceptic Per-Willy Amundsen of the populist right-wing Progress Party has been appointed Minister of Justice and Public Security in Norway in a cabinet reshuffle.

Amundsen does not believe that human activity is driving climate change, and says that climate change is used to disguise socialist policies, he previously told the Norwegian newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad.

Norway’s Polar Affairs Department will fall under Amundsen’s brief, including administrative responsibility for Svalbard. The island is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean, the Greenland Sea and the Barents Sea, and lies between mainland Norway…

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