Ice Age Survival – Threading The Genetic and Behavioral Bottleneck

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Susan Corwin

Agriculture started about 13,000 YAG when “it became possible”.

This is a continuation of the “top down” investigation of how civilization happened to develop.

.1.1 Answer is written in the dust: Ice Ages Were Very,Very Grim:

One need only look at the pictures from the “dust bowl” years of the 1930s in the mid part of the U.S. It brings to experience what happens when plants can’t grow. (eye candy deleted)

While that particular phenomena was caused by drought, the plants “died out”. Yes, trees, etc “survived” but they grew very, very, very slowly: like not being able to fertilize the crops on a farm, only this was due to lack of CO2.


The dust indicates that the world was pretty much a barren, empty place.

Homo Sapiens came out of Africa about 60,000 years ago.

.1.2 Living in a Dust Storm: the Genetic and…

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