UAH Results For 2016


By Paul Homewood


UAH temperature anomalies dropped sharply in December, from 0.45C to 0.24C, and are now back to December 2014 levels.

This means that 2016 ended up only 0.021C warmer than 1998, an insignificant amount, but one which makes last year technically the warmest in the satellite record beginning in 1979:


If a temperature rise of just 0.021C in 18 years was projected over a century, it would mean a rise of only 0.116C.

Such an inconsequential rise would not only be miles below anything forecast by computer models, it would almost certainly be beneficial.

It certainly would not justify the climate policies being forced on the world.


Climate sceptics have been regularly taken to task for cherry picking 1998 as a start point, when highlighting the standstill in global temperatures.

Unfortunately for warmists, this argument can no longer be employed, as comparing 1998 with 2016 is…

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