Wind Turbines: Lots of Problems, No Free Energy

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

In the dying days of 2016, three serious wind turbine malfunctions occurred in a small corner of Europe.

turbine_germanydec2016screengrab from video of December 2016 German turbine collapse (click)The Bureau of Land Management, a US government agency, declares on its website that “Wind energy is free…” In the next paragraph it proves this is nonsense by admitting that while costs have decreased, wind power still “requires a higher initial investment than fossil-fueled generators.”

If wind is free, so are coal and oil. They’re just sitting there in the ground, waiting for us to find them. Any energy source that requires multi-million-dollar, industrial-scale investment before it can be used by ordinary people isn’t free. Why do governments tell these kinds of lies?

Serious journalism has traditionally been about keeping government honest. But over at the website of National Geographic we read that

since the wind is free, operational costs are…

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