A Cloudy Question: was ‘the pause’ caused by a change in global cloud cover?

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Mike Jonas

I have been looking at some cloud data (from ISCCP: isccp.giss.nasa.gov all available monthly “EQ” data (equal-area grid)) and an interesting question arises. I haven’t seen the answer on WUWT or anywhere else.

Was there a near-global sea-change (no pun intended) in cloud cover around the turn of the millenium, and if so, what caused it?


Figure 1. Global ClearSky anomaly, 1-yr smoothing (centred).

The point is that eye-balling the above graph, it looks like ClearSky was increasing in the late 20thC and then stopped. ie, cloud cover was decreasing, then stopped.

The answer to that question might go a long way towards explaining the “hiatus” and resolving the entire climate science controversy.

If any WUWT readers can supply the answers, I would be most grateful.

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A bit of background:

[Except where stated otherwise, graphs in this document are all…

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