Venice icy cold. First time in history. The photos that are making the rounds of the world.

Translated and shared from here.

In the last week, Italy was invaded by cold and snow, even in the south occurred heavy snowfall. But this beginning in 2017 will be best remembered for an event that has no precedent in history. The lagoon and the canals of Venice are completely frozen, the water became ice and it is expected that this “freezing” still hard for a few days. Venice is accustomed to heavy snowfall during the winter, but the cold weather, along with a special humidity, have created a total freeze of channels.

Tourists, and even the people, are so surprised how fascinated. Maybe they will have to give up some gondola ride, but the show who are seeing is unprecedented. The low depth of the water and their clarity has made sure that the ice is equipped with an incredible brightness, especially in some of the most central parts of the city. It appears almost blue with whitish shades, and particularly shiny. Meteorologist, Lieutenant Colonel John Piastrucci, explained that the phenomenon is due to the hygroscopic properties of Venetian waters, which together with the temperature below freezing, creating a strange effect of refraction of light.

We show you some of the photos that are going around the world. The city of Venice, you know, is one of the most known and visited. Some British and American newspapers have even put the news on the front page.


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