MORE “Man Caused” Global Warming ??? CRUDE OIL Compared to the size of the planet and some other stuff—

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If it were possible to spread the annual world oil production (32 billion barrels) out over the entire planet (197 million square miles on planet earth) What would that look like?

Do you follow?—Over the land, the oceans, the Artic, the Antartic—everywhere.

If that were possible, it would be roughly 5,375 times thinner than a dollar bill. (A dollar bill measures 0.0043 of an inch thick.) It would be an infinitesimal 0.0000008 (8 ten millionths) of an inch (.02 microns—or 2 hundredths of a micron) burned daily.

It would be invisible.

The thinnest oil slick that can be seen on water is a rainbow colored oil sheen 0.000039370 of an inch (1 micron). The 0.0000008 inch (thin) oil slick is thinner than that. It would be roughly 49 times thinner than the thinnest oil sheen that can be seen on water…….That’s all of the world’s oil production for…

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