Rapid Retreat Of Glaciers In Early 20thC


By Paul Homewood

matt d licence front

HH Lamb – Climate, History and the Modern World – p 262

Further to yesterday’s post about glaciers, it is worth noting what HH Lamb had to say on the matter.

The above panels show how far some of Switzerland’s glaciers retreated between 1820 and 1974.

Lamb writes:


Note the rapid retreat between 1925 and 1960, when it appears to have more or less stopped. (The book was written in 1982, since when melting has of course begun again).

Note as well the global nature of the process.

The other interesting comment concerns poleward movement of the range of birds and fish during the earlier period, something which again was reversed after 1960.

We often hear claims that such recent expansion of ranges is “proof of global warming”. In fact it is simply part of a natural process that began at the end of the Little Ice…

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