Nothing To Fear But Climate Fear Itself

PA Pundits - International

By Andrew Bolt ~

Richard Lindzen, one of the world’s most famous climate scientists, reviews the global warming evidence and concludes that global warming policies have hurt us more than global warming itself.

The whole lecture is a must-read, but here is the key take-out:

Although I have presented evidence as to why the issue is not a catastrophe and may likely be beneficial, the response [from most audiences] is puzzlement. I am typically asked how this is possible. After all, 97% of scientists agree, several of the hottest years on record have occurred during the past 18 years, all sorts of extremes have become more common, polar bears are disappearing, as is arctic ice, etc. In brief, there is overwhelming evidence of warming, etc. I tended to be surprised that anyone could get away with such sophistry or even downright dishonesty, but it is, unfortunately, the case that this…

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