Confidential: How to Hide the Pause

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Iain Aitken

Dear Colleagues – As President Trump hints at the withdrawal of our country from the Paris climate accord there has never been a greater threat to the Cause of saving our planet from catastrophic man-made global warming – so now, more than ever, we must be adroit in all dealings with the media. Whilst it is true that the climate models are obviously running hot and we appear to have assumed far too high a value for climate sensitivity and have obviously grossly underestimated natural climate variability we can rest assured that these highly damaging facts are far too arcane for the scientifically illiterate public, journalists and politicians; fortunately it is only the climate change sceptics who understand how all this undermines our great Cause – and happily we continue to be highly successful in discrediting and silencing them. But should the global warming Pause…

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