Euan Mearns’ Roundup Of Energy Manifestos


By Paul Homewood

Euan Mearns has written an analysis of the main UK parties’ energy manifestos, which obviously have relevance today:


In recent weeks I have been taking a look at the energy manifestos of the main parties engaged in the UK general election. In this post I summarise these positions under the headings of support or opposition to nuclear power, fracking, renewables targets, CO2 reduction targets, state ownership, price controls, UK climate change Act and the Paris Accord. There is an ocean of clear blue water between the policies of UKIP on the right and the Lib-Dems and Scottish Nationalists on the left. The Tories and Labour are stuck in the middle with not sufficient blue water between them for my liking. The Tories continue to engage with socialist energy policies.

Full post here.

What I found particularly interesting though is this chart (together with Euan’s comments), which…

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