Climate Roller Coaster

Science Matters

Behemoth, Canada’s Wonderland, Ontario   Behemoth’s bright yellow-and-blue steel stands out against the Ontario landscape. At one point the roller coaster, which opened in 2008, drops 230 feet at a 75-degree angle and hits speeds of 77 mph. Its open-air seating gives every rider a front seat to the action.

Roller coasters came to mind when reading recent studies addressing the global warming hiatus this century. For example: The global warming hiatus – a natural product of interactions of a secular warming trend and a multi-decadal variability by Shuai-Lei Yao, Gang Huang, Ren-Guang and WuXia Qu.


The globally-averaged annual combined land and ocean surface temperature (GST) anomaly change features a slowdown in the rate of global warming in the mid-twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century. Here, it is shown that the hiatus in the rate of global warming typically occurs when the internally generated cooling associated…

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