History Channel’s Little Ice Age Documentary


By Paul Homewood

h/t Gallopingcamel

I have not seen this documentary about the Little Ice Age by the History Channel.

It is well worth a look, even if just for the first 20 minutes or so.

All the elements are there that most of us will be familiar with. Not just the cold and expanding glaciers, but the extreme and volatile weather, storms, floods, famine.

A reminder as well about how the MWP that preceded it was a golden period as far as the climate was concerned.

Possible causes of the LIA are discussed, such as solar radiation, volcanic activity and natural oceanic cycles.

I have not watched it through to the end, but gather from the comments that there is the usual plug about global warming at the end.

Nevertheless, whenever you hear anybody talk about the tiny increase in temperatures since the 19thC, show them this video and…

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