Base Load Electrical Power – Introduction And The Permanent Link To The Data For Australia

PA Pundits - International

By Anton Lang ~

Permanent link to Australian weekly Base Load data

What is Base Load Power?

For so long now, those two words have been used as just the one word, baseload, and that one word is now almost solely used to describe coal fired power plants as baseload plants, and it is used in this manner in a way that is totally incorrect.

The Base Load is two words and it is the minimum level of electrical power consumption on a daily basis. That level is the lowest level that power consumption gets down to, and it never falls below that amount except for one day a year, Christmas Day, when it is slightly lower.

That lowest point of power consumption is what should be correctly termed as the Base Load.

This is easily seen when you look at Load Curves for power consumption.

Since electrical power has…

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