Offshore Wind Turbine Project – Statoil’s Hywind Scotland–A Positive Viewpoint

Good article, bravely written, but with false assumptions and premises on coal, gas, and nuclear fuels.

Watts Up With That?

By Roger Sowell (1)


Figure 1 Artist’s Depiction – Hywind Scotland credit Statoil ASA Environmental Statement


This article is the result of a request by Charles The Moderator (ctm) for me to write a more in-depth piece on my views of wind energy systems. About one week ago, WUWT had an article bashing the Hywind Scotland wind farm (7/28/2017, see link) on which article I offered a few comments. I also added a link on the Tips and Notes page to the Hywind Scotland project’s Environmental Statement (ES). That ES is the rough equivalent to an Environmental Impact Report in the US. Many technical details are included in the ES. That note in Tips and Notes prompted ctm to ask me to write this article.

Having withstood for several years the slings and arrows (including libel) of many commenters and guest bloggers at WUWT, I was reluctant to…

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