Warm is stable – Cold is change

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Wim Röst


Today ‘warm’ is strongly connected with ‘climate change’, if not with ‘dangerous climate change’. In the minds of people ‘cold’ should be more stable. But, paleo data show that it iscold’ that is unstable. While ‘warm’ always shows a high stability in climatic conditions.

Warm is stable, Cold is ‘change’

As is clearly visible in figure 1, temperatures were much more stable during the Pliocene, 5 to 3 million years ago: to the left in figure 1. The temperatures were a little bit warmer than they are now (the dashed line = present temperature). During the warm Pliocene, temperatures showed little variability when compared to the Quaternary period, the geologic period we now live in.

Figure 1:  Temperature development in the last five million years according to the Antarctic Vostok Ice Core. ‘Warm’ shows small variances in temperature. ‘Cold’ means…

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