A Perfect Correlation – US Electricity Price v Consumption

Watts Up With That?

Subtitle: A Bit of Gathering Into Groups Gives Good Results
by: Roger Sowell (1)


Background: Much discussion, and much misinformation, is had over the price of electricity in the US, and many other areas of the world. The discussions sometimes end up as diatribes against renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. The article below is an attempt to begin to bring some facts into the discussion, using actual data from the US Energy Information Agency, the EIA. This is from an article from about a year ago on my main blog, SowellsLawBlog. The take-away points are: 1) there is an almost perfect inverse relationship between price and consumption, and 2) the fact that California prices are below the trend line. That is true even though California has substantial renewable energy statewide, a figure that passed 25 percent in 2015.


It is not often that one creates a…

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