US Climate Report Edits Out Highly Embarrassing Section

Watts Up With That?

Reposted from Paul Homewood’s Blog, Not A Lot Of People Know That.

By Paul Homewood


The plot thickens!

I mentioned in my previous post that the latest draft climate report, published in June, had seemingly left out a rather embarrassing table from the Executive Summary, one that had previously been written into the Third Draft, published last December.

As the link to the Third Draft had disappeared from the NYT, I could not show it.

However, Michael Bastasch, writing over at WUWT, did have the link, so we can now compare the relevant sections.

First, the latest draft, the Fifth:



Note the emphasis on daily high and low records. As I pointed out earlier, the ratio of hot to cold has more to do with there being less cold records nowadays, rather than more hot ones.

But now compare with the same section on the Third Draft:



The headline…

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