Earth Climate Layers

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Thanks to No Tricks Zone for posting work (here) by Dr. Dai Davies of Canberra. In his writing I found a fine summary paradigm leading to the image above.  This post presents a scientifically rigorous view of our planetary climate system, starting with an airless rocky surface and then conceptually adding the dynamic elements in layers.  The text below with my bolds and images comes From Energy and Atmosphere by Dr. Dai Davies of University of Canberra,  Website:

The Earth’s atmosphere in stages

This is a hypothetical scenario that allows us to build up a picture, step by step, of how having an atmosphere can influence a planet.

Baseline: Airless, Rocky Planet
As a starting point we consider how the Earth’s temperature might vary through the daily cycle if it was an airless, rocky planet much like the moon. During the day, the sun heats up a…

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